• Knowlton Manufacturing Co., Inc.

    Service with a stamp of excellence.
  • Metal Stamping Specialists

    From custom short/medium-run to high volume contracts.
  • Tool & Die

    Full-service shop for custom fixtures, jigs and gauges


Knowlton Manufacturing Co., Inc. has been successfully supplying stamped parts throughout the Midwest since 1935. We can efficiently produce short run, one of a kind part and also fulfill high volume annual contracts to a million pieces or more.

Our stamping capabilities include:

  • Progressive
  • Deep Draw
  • Transfer
  • Compound Stampings

We have 28 punch presses ranging from 35-500 tons including 9 presses with air cushions for deep draw stampings. We specialize in CRS, HRP&O, stainless and aluminum materials.  Contact us today to discuss how our single source, service-oriented focus can be of value to your organization.