Metal Stamping

We specialize in stamping complex, high precision metal stamped parts and components for a wide range of industries.

Metal Stamping

Our metal stamping capabilities include:

  • Progressive Stampings
  • Transfer Stampings
  • Deep Draw Stampings
  • Custom Compound Stampings

Knowlton Manufacturing Co., Inc. has 28 punch presses ranging from 25 to 500 tons, including 9 presses with air cushions for deep draw stampings.

We specialize in working with CRS, HRP&O, stainless, and aluminum materials as well as more exotic metals such as hastelloy, titanium, copper, brass and others.

Knowlton Manufacturing Co., Inc. offers custom progressive stampings for most industries. We have the expertise to ensure that your part will be manufactured to your requirements and to the highest quality standards.  Our in-house tool and die staff will design and manufacture a high-quality progressive die to ensure that the finished part meets your exact specifications.

Progressive stamping is ideal for high volume production runs.  Using sequential stations in the same die, parts do not require transfer to multiple stamping presses, reducing handling, processing time and costs. These factors offset the higher initial investment in the design and manufacture of the progressive die used during manufacturing.

From small parts to large parts, Knowlton Manufacturing Co., Inc. has the personnel, equipment and experience to provide quality deep draw stamping and forming of parts to your given specifications. Our engineering and tooling staff have provided multiple deep drawing solutions for a variety of industries.

The stamping process is considered deep drawn stamping, or deep draw, when a part is pulled (drawn) into a die cavity and the depth of the recess equals or exceeds the minimum part width.

Our deep drawing process uses tension-tangential compression to shape the metal, transforming flat sheet metal, or blank, into a hollow vessel that may be cylindrical or box-shaped, with straight or tapered sides or a combination of straight, tapered and curved sides.

Bring your custom application to Knowlton Manufacturing Co., Inc. and we’ll show you what we can do to improve your metal forming projects.

Knowlton Manufacturing Co., Inc. manufactures stamped parts and components using the transfer stamping method for leading manufacturers companies. Complex parts are produced in low volume runs using several stations and operations to form a complete component or part for various applications. Our transfer metal stamping capabilities include striking, drawing, and piercing.

Transfer die stamping is similar to a progressive die, but the part is transferred from station to station. This is mainly used where the part has to be free from the strip to allow operations to be performed in a free state. A transfer die can be a single die by itself or a number of dies or machines arrange in row to form a production line. The transfer press process begins with a strip of metal fed into the first station where the blank for the component is cut from the strip. The blank is then transferred through various forming stations to completion. Transfer presses are extremely versatile and many part features such as pierced holes, chamfering, cut-outs, ribs, knurls and threading can be designed into primary press operations, eliminating the need for additional cost involved in many secondary operations.

Transfer Press Stamping is an excellent option for the production of stampings and often offers the benefit of lower tooling costs.

At Knowlton Manufacturing Co., Inc. we are experts when it comes to the design and development of custom metal stamped components as well as sub-assemblies.

We employ several production methods, including progressive die stamping, and deep drawing to make sheet metal parts or metal accessories. Our methods are fast, reliable, and multi-functional, producing lightweight parts that deliver great part performance.

We also have the ability to produce threaded, countersunk, numbered, or embossed features on all stamped parts. We engineer a majority of our dies and tools using state-of-the-art EDM and CNC machines. This allows us to maintain tight tolerances of up to 0.0002” from beginning to end.

Additional Services

Our service capabilities extend beyond quick turnaround and producing specialized parts. We also offer a set of valued-added services in-house that include:

  • sub-assembly (spot welding, riveting, press-in nuts)
  • packaging

Through Preferred Partners we offer:

  • plating
  • powder coat paint
  • heat treatment



Knowlton Manufacturing Co., Inc.'s engineering staff uses the latest technology including Auto-Cad software, 3-D modeling, Auto-Desk Inventor software, and HP plotter.


Quality Assurance

Knowlton Manufacturing Co., Inc. currently follows ISO-9001/2000 with a Quality Manual.  We are staffed by a Q.C. technician, Q.M.R., and administrative assistant.